1-day seminar

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Fit for Germany!

Surviving German Business Culture

Want to understand everyday life in Germany and learn basic facts about German society and culture? This seminar is designed for foreign executives and employees, accompanying spouses or people who regularly travel to Germany and want to learn basic facts about German society and understand everyday life in Germany.

Topics: Communications in German business life, communication styles, etiquette rules in private and professional life, everyday life (shopping, traveling, leisure time), German food and table manners.

Details in an overview

Target Group

This seminar is designed for International professionals dealing with Germans, foreign executives and employees working and living in Germany, accompanying spouses or foreigners who regularly travel to Germany on business and cooperate with Germany business partners.

What you gain

You will gain insights into German culture, understand communication patterns, learn basic facts about German society, get interesting tipps, understand everyday life in Germany better and will be fit for Germany at the end of the day.


English with some excursions into essential German vocabulary or wording. Or in German, if you wish.


Lecture, role-plays, group assignments and discussions.


„Great job Gabriela! See you in Rio! Obrigado!“


„I did not know „Moin!“, now i know it. And so much more. Thank you Gabriela!“


„Sophisticated seminar! Can i please take you to my greek island?“


„Awesome seminar! So much fun. I loved the food part.“


„I fell in love with Germany once more. Don´t think. Book this seminar!“


Trainer: Gabriela Meyer


  • German business culture

  • Rules of Communication

  • Etiquette in private and professional life

  • Small Talk and Social Life

  • Food and table manners

  • Everyday life in Germany